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Quadrifoglio Green Tech in Teheran.
LAST STEP – November 2016




Best Italian technological innovations

The last meeting of the International Project “Quadrifoglio Green Tech” will overcome the barriers of the European community and will take place in Teheran, November 18-19.

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November 18/19, 2016

Encosys, Niteko and Dronyx will present their innovative and patented technologies, for energy efficiency and costs saving, in front of the Iranian companies and Institutions.

The meeting will take place in Tehran Grand Hotel****

This will be the last step of an interesting international project that took place in the 2016.

Italian technological innovation
crosses national limits

The “Consorzio Quadrifoglio” was created in 2006 and brings together thirteen Apulian companies engaged in the field of environment, security, energy savings and technological innovation.

The main objective of the Consortium has been and still is to provide a range of support and sharing internal services for companies that are part of it.

Since the end of 2012 based on the internationalization needs of start-ups Dronyx, Encosys and Niteko, “Consorzio Quadrifoglio” has enforced its support with a series of new services in marketing and communication, broadening its horizons from a national context to an international scenario.

Niteko, Encosys and Dronyx are part of “Consorzio Quadrifoglio” technological section and with the international project “QUADRIFOGLIO GREEN TECH” funded by UE PO FESR 2007/2013 Apulia Region, want to promote in some foreign target markets 3 technologies / green systems, LED technology lighting fixtures by Niteko Srl, the energy storage system for SEM lifts the Encosys Srl and green robot XBOT of Dronyx Srl.

The main reason that led to the choice of the project of the initiative choice is linked as already mentioned to the need for internationalization of Dronyx, Encosys and Niteko, in order to catch the development opportunities present on the most dynamic foreign markets and sensitive towards the field of technological innovation and energy saving.